Win an Aggie Ring by attending the Hilliard Discussion!

Attend the whole Hilliard Discussion and have a chance to win an Aggie Ring! (easy stuff!)**


YES!  You can win an Aggie Ring, just by attending the Hilliard Discussion.  It's real simple...

Rules and regulations:

• You must come to the Hilliard Discussion (this year it is on Nov. 8, 2019) and stay for the whole program (from 1-4 pm - not long for a ring!).

• At the door (doors open at 12:15 pm), you'll receive a ticket.  On one side of the ticket you'll put your name and UIN and you'll drop that side in the drawing bucket at the door.  You'll keep the other half of the ticket.  No tickets will be given out AFTER the start of the event (at 1 pm.)

• If you leave the HD before the end of the event, an usher will ask for your half of the ticket.  You are now withdrawn from the drawing.

• After the last speaker (at ≈ 4 pm), a drawing will be held for the Aggie Ring.  If your ticket number is drawn and called, you'll immediately have to present your side of the ticket PLUS you'll have to show your TAMU ID to confirm that it is you!

So all you have to do is come for the HD and you'll have a chance to win an Aggie Ring!

Other general regulations:

• If your ticket number is called, and you aren't in the auditorium or don't have your University ID, you will not win.

• If you transfer or leave A&M, your ring winning will be canceled.

• If you are not eligible for the ring during the semester won, an account will be set up with money for when you become eligible.

• Amount awarded will be for the basic Aggie Ring price during the semester won.

• If you already have an Aggie Ring, you can win it for someone else with approval from the Huffines Institute (i.e. your winning is transferable!).

• If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Huffines Institute at

See you on November 8th at Annenberg Conference Center!


**Big thanks to Lorinda Cohen-Gomez and to PEAP for letting us use this idea!  You can also win a ring by taking KINE 199 courses.  See someone in PEAP for more details!

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