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82 - It's Podcast Tuesday? Going beyond Gold

82 - It's Podcast Tuesday? Going beyond Gold

Today's podcast is the last of our Olympic themed podcasts and comes only a couple of days after the 100m Olympic final was run in London.  This event as well as our last couple of podcasts bring a question about what happens when we reach the limit of human performance - what happens when we can't set anymore records?  Today is a special podcast with another speculative piece from Ian Creasey that considers just that point.  Also, you'll find that this piece provides a bit of a disturbing vision about what coaching may become as well as what it means to be human - either ancestral or enhanced.  While this is speculative fiction, it does lead to some interesting thought points that relate directly to today's sports arena.  Plus, this author is unique in that he provide notes and references for the background of this story (see below for links).  So - enjoy this fun piece from our friends at

The following links will take you to the author's homepage with references for many of the points in the piece. 

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