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Video | Dr. Lisa Langston | 2018 Hilliard Discussion Scholar

Video | Dr. Lisa Langston | 2018 Hilliard Discussion Scholar

The Hilliard Discussion is where great speakers and leaders in Sports Medicine talk about the future in a manner understandable to all. 

Up today we have our seventh video and audio rebroadcast from the 2018 Hilliard Discussion! Here we have Dr. Lisa Langston, the Athletic Director of Fort Worth ISD and member of the Texas A&M Athletic Hall of Fame as a basketball and track star. Dr. Langston's talk is titled "Using Athletics to Optimize the Academic and Learning Experience of Student-Athletes" and focusses on the relationship between sports, studies, and how this translates professionally. 

Here is Dr. Langston's bio.


And if you can't download the video (or don't have time), you can check out the audio-only podcast from this talk at   Here also is the link to the transcript of the talk. 





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